Safety checks

Operating facilities

Inspection of racking systems

Testing in accordance with DIN EN 15635, DGUV rule 108-007

Inspection of ladders, steps and mobile scaffolding

Prerequisite according to DGUV Information 208-016 and 201-011 Handling ladders and steps

Inspection of lifting gear and load handling attachments

Testing in accordance with DGUV V54 and DGUV Rule 109-017

Arc welding equipment


UVV-Prüfung nach DIN EN 60974-4, VDE 0544-4 von Lichtbogenschweißeinrichtungen

Kalibrierung und Validierung

Kalibrierung und Validierung nach DIN EN IEC 60974-14 von Lichtbogenschweißeinrichtungen

Usage point templates

Usage point templates in accordance with TRBS 1201 for oxyfuel welding systems

Analysis of water-mixed cooling lubricants

Analysis according to TRGS611, DGUV rule 109-003

Occupational safety

Respirator configuration, maintenance and instruction

Configuration, maintenance and instruction in accordance with DGUV Rule 112-190

Eye and ear protection, earmolds

Individual protection in accordance with DIN EN 166 Safety spectacles with visual acuity and individually adapted hearing protection from UVEX

Personal protective equipment against falls from a height

Safety testing and maintenance of IKAR products (PPE) in accordance with DGUV Rule 112-198, DGUV G312-906

Torque tools

Calibration of torque tools in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789

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