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The chemical lubricants division is divided into water-miscible cooling lubricants, industrial cleaners, adhesives, corrosion protection and industrial oils. You can rely on high-quality brands such as WEMAG Chemie, 3M, Loctite, Tesa, Fuchs, WD40, Henkel and Caramba in the following areas: rust protection, gearboxes, filtration, cutting oils and cutting pastes, greases and lubricants, cleaning agents and protective agents, sealants, adhesives and technical sprays. Don't forget to regularly test and analyze your cooling lubricants - our expert application engineers will carry this out at your premises and help you to identify potential improvements and savings in your cutting machines

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Analysis of water-mixed cooling lubricants

Regular analysis and inspection offers you as a company many advantages - from savings in concentrate consumption to less tool wear

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Chemical lubricants are used in a wide range of applications, whether water-miscible cooling lubricants in machining, industrial cleaners for cleaning large surfaces or adhesives to hold different materials together. Technical sprays, cutting pastes, protective agents, sealants and gear oils are also chemical lubricants, as they are produced using chemical processes.


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