Occupational safety

Occupational safety - PPE from head to toe

Functional, fashionable and up-to-date are some of the requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE), which plays an important role in everyday working life. We offer you personal protective equipment (PPE) from head to toe: Helmets, goggles, individual hearing protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, foot protection and complete clothing. In addition to wearing comfort and consistent quality, the focus here is on the legal requirements for adequate health protection - because the safety of the individual and the protection of their own health have the highest priority. We can rely on well-known brands such as UVEX, Mascot, Helly Hansen, Kübler, Elten, 3M, Sundström and many others to comply with the standards and regulations. see for yourself and let our field service staff or our specialist staff advise you on site.


Unsere Top-Produkte

Eye protection

Safety spectacles with vision correction are individually adapted to the wearer's visual impairment and at the same time offer the best possible protection at the workplace with screen and prescription safety spectacles.

The glasses are certified and labeled according to EN 166, so they may be used in workplaces where protective eyewear is mandatory. As safety spectacles, they not only protect the eyes (from UV radiation, flying particles, dust and much more), but are also a visual aid because the lens has a dioptric effect

We make no compromises when it comes to eye protection and offer reliable protection with customized safety eyewear. Decades of experience and innovative technologies form the basis for PPE products that are manufactured in accordance with the strictest safety standards. In addition to safety, we also guarantee the highest levels of comfort and quality.</p

Our service opticians in your area offer a wide range of high-quality lens materials, focus types and frames. This makes it easier to switch between glasses worn privately and safety spectacles provided by your employer, which increases wearer acceptance

The comprehensive quality system guarantees the best optical and processing technology. All materials used (lenses, frames, cases, etc.) are free from harmful substances and are regularly tested

Our service for you:

  • Issue of your authorization certificate
  • Competent advice and service from one of our service opticians in your area

Hearing protection

uvex hearing protection earmoulds are individually adapted to the wearer's ear and at the same time offer the best possible protection at the workplace. The uvex high-fit hearing protection earmolds are tested, certified and approved for use in the noise workplace in accordance with EN 352. Thanks to the individual adjustment and pressure-free fit in the ear canal, this hearing protection offers the highest level of comfort for a long wearing time

Ear impression on site


The fitting is carried out by taking an impression of the employee's gait. Before the impression is taken, the gait is examined to rule out any medical objections to taking the impression. If there is excess cerumen or a hardening of the cerumen, this must be removed by a doctor before the impression is taken. Impressions are taken according to the standardized procedure of Härgeräteakustik. The materials used are always tested according to existing biocompatibility criteria


When the impression is taken, the test subjects receive information about the product as well as instructions on how to handle and care for the earmolds. The functional test is carried out by us before the first use, either at your premises or at our locations. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you. For uvex high-fit hearing protection, we provide a 24-month guarantee on the attenuation effect of the filter and the dimensional stability of the earmold

Scope of delivery

The earmolds are supplied in pairs including cord, collar clip, cerumen pin and user information in a case. Our soft earmolds from the high-fit flex series are provided with a special antibacterial nano-coating. The set also includes a special cream that can be applied as required to make insertion easier. 

The test guideline „Use of hearing protection earmolds“ defines a professional function check before first use and a recurring test after 3 years.

Regular testing

The uvex hearing protection earmolds are subject to the obligation of a professional functional check, which must usually be carried out before the first use, but at the latest after 6 months. A regular, recurring inspection at intervals of no more than 3 years is recommended to ensure the protective effect of the earmold.


Our service for you:

  • Individual hearing protection advice from our expert consultants in the field service
  • Impression of the inner ear by a licensed test technician 
  • Functional testing of the hearing protection before delivery and recurring testing

Respiratory protection

Configuration, maintenance and instruction in accordance with DGUV Rule 112-190

Respiratory protection is an important component of personal protective equipment (PPE)

We therefore offer you suitable solutions in the field of self-contained and self-contained breathing protection systems. We work with you to configure the required system, provide initial training and also carry out maintenance and cleaning for these respiratory protection systems


  • Respiratory protective devices must be tested by the wearer for proper function before each use
  • According to the PPE Usage Ordinance, respiratory protective devices must be serviced or cleaned by an authorized person every 1/2 year
  • Initial instruction must be given by an authorized person before the first use, then follow-up instruction must take place depending on the need for repetition, but at least once a year

Our service for you:

  • Configuration of the respiratory protection system
  • Maintenance and cleaning of respiratory protection devices
  • Instruction of equipment wearers in accordance with the PPE Usage Ordinance and UVV §31 

Orthopaedic foot protection

WEMAG GmbH & Co. KG + Orthopädieschuhtechnik - the joint path to your orthopaedic safety shoe!

Our service for you:

  • Large selection of safety shoes
  • Competent and friendly advice
  • Come in, try on, take away
  • Fast and uncomplicated processing
  • Purchase on delivery bill possible
  • Invoice processing via collective invoice possible
  • Invoicing by cost center possible
  • Direct processing of any additional payments in our shop

Protection classes for safety shoes

PPE against falls from a height

Safety inspection and maintenance of IKAR products in accordance with DGUV Rule 112-198 - DGUV G312-906

  • Before each use, a visual and functional check for perfect condition must be carried out
  • According to BGR 198, the equipment must be inspected at least once a year by an expert (all documents and test certificates are required for this)
  • Max. Period of use 6 years for belts, 4 years for ropes and straps

Our service for you:

  • We test your equipment and send it back to your destination
  • We advise you through our specialists (PPE experts)
  • We fill out your test book and provide your devices with our test stamp

Your specialist advisors for occupational safety

Occupational safety

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is part of occupational safety – clothing for the individual working day from head to toe. Starting with helmets, goggles, individual hearing protection, respiratory protection, work clothing, hand protection and foot protection - comfort and quality are crucial. Occupational safety is important because it protects your health.


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