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Innovative measurement and testing technology includes hand-held measuring devices, measuring machines and their accessories that enable the measurement of length, pressure, mass, force or electrical current. The best-known measuring devices include calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, height gauges, measuring machines, lever gauges, construction lasers, roller measuring tapes and measuring tools. Anyone who works precisely must also be able to measure precisely, and this is possible with our diverse range. Here you will find many brands such as Mahr, Mituoyo, Hexagon, Käfer, Schwenk, Kröplin and Stanley. Our measuring and testing equipment fulfills our promise of quality through maximum precision, reliability and accuracy. You are also welcome to contact our specialist advisors regarding the calibration of your measuring devices

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Measuring in metrology

Measuring is a part of metrology and is concerned with determining a length, angle or weight using a measuring device. The result is called a measured value. When measuring, a distinction is made between direct and indirect measuring methods as well as analog and digital measuring methods. You will find hand-held measuring devices, dial gauges, height measuring devices and coordinate measuring technology and measuring machines in our product portfolio for all the measuring methods mentioned. Please ask our specialist advisors for more information.


Testing in measurement technology

Gauges and test mandrels, scales, voltage testers, microscopes and water trolleys are test equipment used in metrology during testing. Here, a test object is tested for its properties, for example dimensions, shape or surface properties. You will find a large selection of testing agents for a wide range of applications in our product portfolio. Please feel free to contact us!

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Measurement technology

Length, pressure, mass, force or electrical current are measured using a wide variety of measuring equipment. Calipers, micrometers, height gauges, construction lasers and roller tape measures are all used in measurement technology and are very important for precise work, reliability and accuracy

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