Clamping technology

Clamping technology - stabilize your workpiece

High quality standards and precision are a must in our large selection of clamping technology, whether for tool holders, clamping elements, lathe chucks and the extensive range of accessories. Well-known brands such as Röhm, Albrecht, Haimer, WTE, Kesel and Hainbuch are represented in the field of clamping technology, such as vacuum clamping technology, zero-point clamping systems, power chucks and hydraulic expansion chucks as well as clamping elements, lathe chucks, tool holders, screw chucks, drill chucks and clamping technology accessories. With the right clamping technology, your tools or workpieces can be clamped and fastened during machining, among other things, and contribute to economical machining. Feel free to contact our specialist advisors!

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Tool clamping and workpiece clamping

WorkZEUG voltage

The tool, whether drill, milling cutter or countersunk head, is clamped in the machine. Clamping elements are required for this. These hold the tool so that workpieces can be machined better. You can find a large selection of clamping elements in our webshop, including:

  • Workholding fixtures
  • Threaded chucks
  • Drill chucks
  • VDI holder
  • Collets and clamping heads
  • Tool presetting

Workpiece voltage

Workpieces, whether wood, metal or other materials, must be fixed for processing. Clamping elements into which the workpiece is clamped are used for this purpose. There are several different clamping elements. You will find a large selection in our range, for example:

  • Turning chuck
  • Screw chucks
  • Magnetic clamping technology
  • Zero point clamping systems
  • Vacuum clamping technology
  • Mechanical clamping elements

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Clamping technology

Workpieces and tools must be fixed in place for machining using clamping devices. Quality and precision are crucial for tool holders, clamping elements, lathe chucks and sliding blocks. Rely on the right clamping technology.

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