Generational change in leadership

After 47 years, Joachim Schaus symbolically hands his son Christopher the key of the company on his 70th birthday. He will take over the line from now on.


Establishment of our Bochum branch

In our branch Bochum we advise our customers from North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition, our export business is managed by our colleagues in Bochum.


80 years WEMAG

WEMAG celebrates its anniversary with customers, suppliers and employees and offers attractive special offers and promotions throughout the year. The 10th tool and machine fair in November completes the anniversary year.


Opening of the partner fan shop of Eintracht Frankfurt

In cooperation with Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, WEMAG opens the first official partner fan shop of Eintracht Frankfurt in the SAFETY shop as a shop-in-shop concept on 80 m².


Foundation branch Kassel

  • Takeover of the company Ehrig Schweißtechnik GmbH in Kassel as a branch
  • Branch Kassel moves into new business premises in Sandershäuser Straße

New business premises in Zella-Mehlis

Branch Zella Mehlis moves into the new business premises in the Schubertstraße


Christopher Schaus becomes shareholder managing director

Christopher Schaus, son of Joachim Schaus, takes over shares on 01/08/2012 and continues his previous activity as shareholder managing director.


Opening WLZ

Opening of our own WEMAG logistics-center WLZ.


Opening safety shop

Opening of the safety shop as a special provider
for occupational safety and security.


Christopher Schaus joins the company


Acquisition of Seegräber in Zella-Mehlis

Foundation of the WEMAG branch in Zella-Mehlis.


Joachim Schaus becomes managing director

Helmut Schaus orders his son Joachim as managing director. Adolf Ruland dies at the age of 91 years.


Move to the Kohlhäuser Feld

WEMAG is one of the first Fulda-based companies to receive a generous new building on the outskirts of the city.


Helmut Schaus becomes managing director

Adolf Ruland appoints his son-in-law, the studied technician Helmut Schaus, as managing director.



The businessman Adolf Ruland takes over a tool and machine business founded in 1906.

His company bears the name WEMAG Werkzeug- und Maschinengesellschaft Adolf Ruland & Co.