Important industries and applications

OMRON's TM collaborative robots are designed for a wide variety of applications in a wide variety of industries.

Our cobots can improve throughput and consistency of repetitive or complex assembly tasks, including: when assembling parts, inserting, changing tools and working side by side with people.

Mobile manipulation:
When you mount an OMRON TM cobot on an OMRON LD mobile robot, this robotic solution not only automates the transport of goods, but also automates complicated order picking processes.

With our space-saving cobots, the stacking of boxes on a pallet can be optimized at the end of the production line. With integrated image processing, the boxes can be sorted by barcode or other visual information.

Our cobots can inspect and sort products before they are packed into boxes. Customers have the ability to quickly adapt production lines to new products or seasonal models.

Machine equipment:
CNC machines, injection molding machines, punching and embossing machines, grinding and cutting machines can be equipped with a cobot, so that the staff is relieved of repetitive and dangerous work.

Pick-and-place with inspection:
Our cobots have an integrated image processing system with which simple pick-and-place is just as possible as a sophisticated inspection without the need to install additional cameras or lighting devices.

Our cobots handle screwing operations and part fastenings with precision and consistency. A complete, ready-to-use solution is supplied with a set of screws and a pneumatic control unit.